El Arte Del Besibol

Capturing all the action of the 2021-22 LIDOM season El Arte Del Beisbol was a project that went to the very roots of baseball in the Dominican Republic. It captured all levels of the game from the fans, mascots, players and children playing on the streets. In just over 3 months I created a body of work of approximately 150 pieces, from which the book below was created.I made portraits of legends of the game such as David Ortiz, Albert Pujols, Jeremy Pena and Robinson Cano alongside the coaches and young boys in their small villages hoping to get to the next level and fulfil their dreams.

In 2022 the book was cited as being in the top 13 most important books realeased in the Dominican Republic that year. It is also held in t he libaries of the president of the Dominican Republic Luis Abinader, Juan Marichal, along with Gianni Infantino and the superstars listed above.

The pride felt by the people of the Dominican Republic to have their team, sport and country represetned in this way was tangible in each and every ballpark. It will have a long lasting impact on the culture and history of the country. It is a collection of work like no other, worldwide. I am immensly proud to have been behind the easel to make it happen.

You can download a copy of El Arte Del Beisbol for FREE here :- https://coleccioninicia.com/el-arte-del-beisbol/

I now look forward to the next project, promoting your team, league, country and culture in a sophisticated, cultrually rich manner, demonstarting the richness, joy and success of you!

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