Sunday League

With the COVID-19 lockdown easing in early September 2020 there seemed to be a renewed sense of hope, celebration and life within the UK and our communities. Shops, restaurants and other venues were reopening and another glimmer of the re-emergence of normality was through the colour, sounds and excitement of the Sunday Football leagues, also restarting at this time.

After walking past the hussle and bussle of cars parking nearby, and seeing players half in kit / late and apologetic running to join their team mates it struck me that the importance of these occasions, (like family members who are ‘always there’) is too often overlooked.

I had taken for granted the beauty and importance of the Sunday Leagues and felt compelled to start this body of work documenting their role in our culture within the UK. You will see here the team, the opposition, the referees, the over enthusiastic managers, the dog walkers, the vapers, the hoodies, the supporters, the ramblers and the many others that make up the communities of where we live.


These matches hold the greatest of moments of heroism, tragedy, combat and a very British humour. I hope you enjoy! 

I am always looking for new leagues and teams to visit to paint – get in touch with me here! Or by using my contact page!

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Showing 1–12 of 20 results