Hinchliffe Scoreboard



Hinchliffe Scoreboard

Patterson, New Jersey.

Hinchliffe Stadium was a venue used to host Negro League and ‘barnstorming’ games. It started hosting baseball in 1933 when it held the Coloured Championship of the Nation. In 1934 the New York Black Yankees played at Hinchliffe. They played there until 1945 (1938 they moved for one season to Triborough Stadium). The New York Cubans also played at Hinchliffe in 1935 and 1936.

This painting captures the scoreboard at Hinchliffe Stadium which wears the signs of aging and the passing of time. This honest witness to the games it recorded has been reclaimed by the surrounding vegetation and like the rest of the building is fading into the world around it. Hinchliffe however is part of a major renovation project in New Jersey which hopes to reconstruct it to its former glory to be used for both football and baseball. Like the Negro Leagues themselves the legacies of the players, teams and spectators who came here will be preserved and Hinchliffe will be a place for the stars of tomorrow to make their mark.

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