Satchel Paige 1 Line


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Drawn using a single line and finished using watercolour, this artwork captures Satchel Paige. Paige was the first player who had played in the Negro leagues to pitch in the World Series, in 1948, and was the first electee of the Committee on Negro Baseball Leagues to be inducted into the National Hall of Fame in Cooperstown in 1971.

  • Signed and dated
  • High quality watercolour paper
  • Size: 10 x 7
  • Price includes postage and packaging

What is a 1 line drawing and why is this unique?

A 1 line drawing is one where the drawing implement is not raised from the surface of the paper until the drawing is completed – it is completed using just 1 line! This gives the drawing a fluid and loose feeling.  The line and image flows from one area to the next without breaks.  Which allows for highly original and unique images which can never be reproduced.